New York City Electrostatic Painting

In business, to be successful it is important to make any purchase or expense as cost effective as possible. Hudson Painting Associates Inc.’s electrostatic painting service is a prime example of this ideal.

Here are the reasons electrostatic painting should be the only choice when painting metallic surfaces:

  1. No wasted paint = no extra expense: Traditional painting can use more paint than necessary as excessive paint can be easily applied to a brush and then an object –wasting paint and causing unsightly drip marks. Electrostatic paint is magnetically attracted to the charged surface making it much easier to apply the right amount of paint without dripping and when performed by a trained professional there is practically no waste what-so-ever. Furthermore, the attractive charge makes it easy to paint areas which are normally quite hard to reach.
  2. A quick cure: Time is money so it is important to note that electrostatic paint dries completely in a single night. This means that your company can get back to business as usual the very next day.
  3. Resilient and long lasting: Electrostatic Paint out performs any other type of paint coating. This is because the paint is electrically bonded to the surface. The only way to make it more durable would be to have the pigment directly placed in the metal as it is being made.
  4. A finish to admire: Hudson Painting Associates Inc. works exclusively with Scuffmaster paint. Scuffmaster is known for the professional grade finish it produces.

Electrostatic painting is ideal for almost any metallic surface.

Please contact Hudson Painting Associates Inc. with any questions you may have on our New York City services or to obtain a free estimate.

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